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    Hello & welcome to my blog. I’m Sam, a 30 something (I genuinely forget the number these days), mummy, wife, and chief event planner in our family.

    This blog is all about achieving your goals. We all need money to live, but I’m in the process of trying to find a balance between work and family life. If you are also on a similar journey, you are in the right place. Grab a cup of tea and let’s get planning, so we can book a holiday or some special family time to look forward to!

    Over on my first blog, I have been nominated for an award

    I am SO excited to announce I am a nominee in the BLOGGER OF THE YEAR category at the Mental Health Blog Awards 2022 & also a speaker on the day!


    My blogging journey started with attending the 2021 awards & it’s a dream come true to be involved this year…

    Check out ALL OF this year’s nominees.

    Working Mum Mini-Series

    Because I’ve gone through life-changing events regarding my employment situation, I will be publishing a mini-series on the blog, documenting what I’ve learned.

    From the emotional toll, this took, to CV building and successfully changing careers. Watch this space!

    Posts in the series so far

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    These are the topics you can expect to see on my blog

    More about me and why I wanted to start this blog

    Since my late teens, I travelled up and down the UK, mainly partying and having an amazing time with my friends. Going on girls’ holidays, any adventure I could book. Just opening my eyes to what’s out there in the world.

    In our later years, the hubby & I sought adventures together. Our holidays revolved around sightseeing, soaking up the history of a place, and learning new things. Life has changed now we are parents, but our little one is now as enthusiastic about travel as us. Unfortunately, the pandemic halted our travel plans, but I am looking forward to sharing with you how we adapted to the situation and still managed a few safe getaways.

    On this blog, you’ll be hearing about our UK travel, English Heritage membership, family days out, and the odd holiday abroad. 2022 will hopefully be our year of holidays. We have a huge special occasion coming up in the family and some other ideas for shorter breaks. I can’t wait to blog about the planning process and show you what we got up to on our holidays.

    I honestly look at my finances now and think every penny I can save will be spent on us enjoying ourselves as a family. My intention is to live life to the fullest by being as thrifty as possible. Saving money and maximising my earning potential. You can’t add a price tag to quality time together. Here’s to making the most of life.

    If you are here, reading this, we are all starting out on this money-saving journey together.

    Final thoughts

    I can’t wait to connect with you.

    If you have any feedback on questions, please visit the contact me page.

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