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10 Amazing Gift Ideas For The Mum In Your Life

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the mums out there? I think all parents and carers have the most difficult job in the world. But often mums end up taking on the weight of the world. Running the home, organising schedules, and being emotional support to everyone. As a mum, it’s easy to put yourself last on the list!

It’s time to treat the Mum In Your Life…

You check out all the blog posts in my Working Mum-Mini Series, where I discuss the daily challenges mums’ face

Mum In Your Life

Quick note: Some of the links contained on this page are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. I only recommend products I use myself and think would be useful for other people.

What better way to honour all the mums out there, than with these amazing gift ideas – let’s dive in…

Jacobs Boutique

A little word from the brand

Home to Handmade Kids and Unisex Clothing & Accessories for the whole family. Upcycling, creativity, embroidery and workwear. Handmade and Embroidered in Cwmbran South Wales, UK.

My thoughts

I was so happy to be contacted by this brand and kindly gifted some great items for review. I love nothing more than a statement T-Shirt and a cool hat to hide my unwashed mum-hair!

Why these make a great gift

The hat is so cool, my little one has already stolen it! And she loves the fact that we match when I wear the T-Shirt. These two items will be coming along on our caravan holiday and I can’t wait to show them off to everyone.

Do you know a mum who would also adore these items? Check out the full collection here. They also make some really great designs for kids.


Mum In Your Life

Women don’t have an easy life, in a biological sense. We spend most of our lives contending with periods. Pregnancy can be difficult for those who choose to have children (it was for me!) and I’m so happy we are opening up a conversation about menopause and the impact it has on the daily lives of women.

A little word from the brand

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass because we believe that nothing should hold you back on your period.

We believe that periods should not cost the earth. Equality and social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything we do.

We replace plastic-riddled disposable pads & tampons with the world’s most comfortable and sustainable period underwear.

Periods are not shameful, but something to be proud of. We’re determined to break down body and period taboos.

My thoughts

I have wanted to work with Wuka for a while now. As a female, in my late 30’s, sustainable period products are a must.

The company sent me a sample to try and I must say, the quality of the product feels great. I was apprehensive at first. As a working mum, who is mostly out of the house, there was a worry about freshness. With reusable products, you can dispose of any used items. And it makes you feel refreshed and less anxious when you are out in public. However, I would absolutely use these pants again whilst I am in the house. I am yet to be convinced to convert to fully sustainable. But every little swap we can make helps the environment.

Why these make a great gift

Maybe you have a mum in your life who is looking for this type of product. Maybe you want to make life easier for them. Or you might just want to treat yourself to the latest sustainable product you have wanted to try for a while. Here is your sign to do that!

A little word from the brand is a family-owned company based in Romsey. After the huge success of our sister site, we launched in May 2007. As enthusiastic skaters from a range of backgrounds, we’re always happy to advise on what product would perfectly suit your needs.

My thoughts

You may have seen my recent feature about the website. I was so excited to look through the website and reminisce about my roller skating days. Following my browse on the site, I was even looking up roller skating discos. We now have a toddler who loves practising on her skateboard and she is following in Daddy’s footsteps with this.

Check out my latest social media posts, all about the skateboard…

Why these make a great gift

I would love nothing more than to be bought some roller skates for Mother’s Day or another special mum occasion. So I can join my family in the adventure of fun exercise. Check out the range here.

We were also sent an amazing badminton set from their sister site. If you have a mum who loves Badminton, check out the full range here.

Heretic Nine Clothing

Mum In Your Life

A little word from the brand

Heretic Nine is an independent Shoreditch-based brand inspired by global streetwear and subcultures. Concept-led fashion collections are designed to enable and inspire self-expression for non-conformists and creative misfits. 

As a studio and brand, everything Heretic Nine does is to unite the unique by celebrating creativity and supporting a community that values self-expression above all else.

My fave item of clothing

I’ve had a browse on the website and I must say, this clothing range is for anyone quirky and who likes to be a little bit different. My pick of the day would be this T-Shirt:

Shinigami Oversized T-Shirt With Graphic In Blue

Why these make a great gift

Maybe you know a mum who loves cool and quirky items of clothing. Or a statement T-Shirt to reflect their personality.

Tisserand Aromatherapy

A little word from the brand

Our Philosophy – Established in 1974:

  • To source the finest 100% natural pure essential oils of uncompromising quality.
  • To share our heritage, knowledge and expertise in blending to create products you can trust.
  • To offer innovative products that provide a holistic approach to well-being and beauty.
  • To make aromatherapy accessible to everyone and easy to adapt to our fast-paced modern lives.

My thoughts

I was first introduced to this amazing brand when I visited my local holistic therapist. Following our session, I immediately bought one of the gift sets. And I haven’t looked back since. I still use the roller ball to this day and it definitely helps to calm me down in stressful situations.

Why these make a great gift

Maybe you know a mum who needs to relax and take time for self-care. Isn’t that all mums? One of these amazing gift sets will provide the peace and tranquillity they need.

LSW Mind cards

A little word from the brand

LSW London was founded by Lili Sinclair-Williams in 2018. Using her expertise as a therapist, she wanted to create well-being tools that were easy to use and accessible for everyone. Focusing on positive habits we repeat daily, Lili curated her favourite techniques into our first product – LSW Mind Cards. 

My thoughts

I first came across this brand when I was sent one of their amazing journals. You can view the TikTok post of me unboxing one of their items. Such high-quality products, with a focus on well-being.

Why these make a great gift

Journaling is a proven technique for helping to process your thoughts and gain perspective. It’s used by counsellors and has helped me massively with my mental health struggles.

Maybe you know a mummy in need of a journal. Or you want to gift yourself something which will become a staple in your self-care routine.

Other great well-being tools from LSW Mind Cards:

Until next time

I hope you enjoyed reading through the gift guide.

Which item is your fave? And will you purchase for a mum you know, or for yourself?

Mum In Your Life


  1. March 15, 2023 / 10:20 PM

    I have some of the Tisserand roll-on oils, they are really nice. The journals and cards sound lovely too, definitely something I would like as a gift.

    • April 13, 2023 / 12:25 AM

      The oils are fab – the best ones I have used! The Journals & Cards are so lovely.

    • April 13, 2023 / 12:25 AM

      Such freedom – my little one watches the older kids in the skate park and she wants to be like them. My hubby wears skater shoes to this day!

  2. March 17, 2023 / 1:06 PM

    Mind Cards look like a perfect gift for mothers.

    • April 13, 2023 / 12:23 AM

      I love Mind Cards – such a cute self-care gift.

  3. Kristen Osborne
    March 23, 2023 / 3:32 PM

    This is such a thoughtful list of gifts for moms. Thank you for sharing!

  4. May 8, 2023 / 1:13 PM

    The mind cards looks like a great gift idea for anyone, particularly moms. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas. ????

  5. May 8, 2023 / 1:13 PM

    The mind cards looks like a great gift idea for anyone, particularly moms on Mother’sDay. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas. ????

    • June 11, 2023 / 7:32 PM

      Such great quality and an amazing gift idea, if you know someone is looking for alternatives to help the environment.

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