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Childminder VS nursery – Is putting your child in the nursery worth it? 

Part 5 of the Working Mum Mini-Series A little rant about childcare challenges in the UK There is no getting away from the fact childcare in the UK is expensive. And this makes it difficult…

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Convertkit Newsletter – Stay in Touch With Your Subscribers

Sam – Thrift Plan Enjoy – July 2024 The main driver for setting up all three of my blogs, was building a community of like-minded people and aiming to ensure people who are facing struggles,…

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Considering Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event – all the details you need – Thrift Plan Enjoy

Blogging Mama As a blogger, I am always looking for partnerships – which will allow me to work with brands and create content. I genuinely love doing this. My ultimate goal is to make this…

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Gousto vs HelloFresh – Thrift Plan Enjoy blog

Following other bloggers, allows you to take advantage of some really great offers. I tried a HelloFresh box because I actually made money, with the cashback offer. Why not? When the recent Gousto offer came up. I…

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4 Reasons to Set Up Monzo Pots to Manage Your Finances

Both my hubby and I applied for a Monzo account a while ago. But it’s only recently we’ve started utilising the accounts to their full potential. And set up Monzo pots to manage our family finances.…

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10 Amazing Gift Ideas For The Mum In Your Life

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the mums out there? I think all parents and carers have the most difficult job in the world. But often mums end up taking on the…

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6 Top Tips for Booking a UK Holiday Break

We are in the process of booking our second UK holiday of the year. And I thought I would talk you through our booking process.  We’ve opted to mainly have UK holidays for the next…

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Why budgeting is vital in the midst of the cost of living crisis

Budgeting is easy when you have a secure income, which isn’t likely to fluctuate. It becomes extremely difficult when you have a lack of money to go around, bills piling up and you need to…

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