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Considering Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event – all the details you need – Thrift Plan Enjoy

Blogging Mama

As a blogger, I am always looking for partnerships – which will allow me to work with brands and create content. I genuinely love doing this. My ultimate goal is to make this my full-time job. But as with anything in life, it doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication.

I recently signed up for job opportunities from BlogOn and noticed they also run events.

If you are Considering Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event, I have all the details you need. Including information about hotel stays, where to eat and activities for the next day – if you want to stay overnight.

Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event

Quick note: Some of the links contained on this page are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. I only recommend products I use myself and think would be useful for other people.

The BlogOn Events are all designed to promote a positive relationship between brands and influencers.


Location of PR events

As a Yorkshire Lass, I was impressed that BlogOn is running an event in the North of England. Often you find these PR events in London and the south of England. And it isn’t feasible or cost-effective for us to travel to the event (with London being about 4 hours away from where we live).

Event planning – Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event

It’s a running joke in our family that I should become an event planner. I am the one organising holidays, and trips during our holidays. I have endless emails in my email inbox about table bookings and our requirements with a child. Want a birthday party, I am there organising your preferences. All of this is on top of being a busy mama. But I enjoy being organised!

Research into the BlogOn event in Oldham

Considering Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event? I am too.

Because I’ve looked into going to the event and the logistics of this, I thought I would share my findings with you if you also want to visit.

Have you been to a BlogOn event before? Are you booking tickets for one this year?


The event is being held at a Village Hotel. But the price tag is slightly high, because everyone attending the event may want to stay over. I then started researching hotels near the event (please note that all prices were correct when writing this article).

Here is what I found:

Village Hotel Ashton – OL7 0LY – overnight stay on 30 May 2024 (after the event) – £128.00

Premier Inn Manchester Salford Media City – M50 2TG – £41.00

Premier Inn Salford Quays – M50 3SQ – £65

IBIS Budget Salford Quays– M5 3AW – £39

Things to do with the kids the next day following the BlogOn event

Because we would be attending the event and staying over that night, I looked for activities in the area for the next day. Here is what I found:

Salford Museum & Art Gallery – M5 4WU 

Visits are FREE; however, they welcome donations.

Inflata nation – M17 1WA

Entry is £6.99 for a child under 4. And £13.99 for ages 4-15 or an adult.

Ordsall Hall – M5 3AN

The Hall is FREE to visit and is open to the public throughout the year.

Legoland – M17 8AS – We want to book a visit to Legoland but I am looking for discounted tickets. Pricing for the day out would cost us about £70.00 in total. I think my little one needs to be a bit older before we go.

Food during your stay

When looking for places to eat, I focused on the Salford Quays area and family-friendly pubs where my little one would enjoy the food. Here is what I found:

Cost breakdown for attending the BlogOn event

Because my little one and I would be attending the BlogOn event, and my husband would join us later after work. We would need to use the car and also book a train ticket. Here is the cost breakdown:

BlogOn adult ticket – £10

Child ticket with a goodie bag – £15

Hotel – £35

Train – £12

Petrol – £10

Food – £40

Events for the next day – £30

Food the next day – £30

TOTAL COST – 182.00

Upcoming BlogOn events

REMINDER – these are the next events BlogOn will be running:

Village Hotel Ashton on 30th May 2024 followed by Village Hotel Farnborough on 2nd November 2024.

Tickets for Oldham

Tickets for Farnborough


Buying Tickets to a BlogOn event

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