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Home » Blog » Reviewing 19 Products From The ASDA Just Essentials Range

Reviewing 19 Products From The ASDA Just Essentials Range

As a family, we are not only hit with the current cost of living crisis, but also a series of events which negatively impacted our financial situation. Therefore, counting the pennies when we go food shopping is a must.

Previously, pre-children and pre-pandemic, I was a thrifty saver anyway. But I understand the dreaded feeling when your available money gets really tight. The horrible feeling of not paying bills and debt letters arriving. Putting items back in a supermarket is something I am familiar with. 

I set up this blog to share my money-saving tips with other people. My aim is to maximise how we live, with the money we have available to us. And really start saving towards any future circumstances we cannot control—and our families’ financial goals. 

As promised, here is my update on testing the ASDA Just Essentials range. In this post, you will see my honest opinion on some of the products available. 

Disclaimer – I have not tried every product in the range. Therefore this post will be updated in future or part 2 will be released. These are my honest opinions using feedback from me and my family. I have no affiliation with ASDA whatsoever

To clarify, we regularly shop at Lidl and use their rewards programme. Therefore, you will find a lot of comparisons to the products available there.

Thank you ASDA

Before we dive in, I do just need to give ASDA credit for the way they are helping families with the cost of living crisis. Just recently I received an invite to their new rewards programme, our local store is packed full of the essentials range. And they have a new website page dedicated to the range.

ASDA Just Essentials Range


I must also applaud them for the toddler meals for £1.00 in the cafe. My little one and I can visit an ASDA store, and pick up some food and household items. And then literally eat in the cafe for around £6.00 if we budget. I get her a toddler meal (usually sausage and chips or a cooked breakfast) and I have the coffee and cake deal. We then get a soft drink and share it all. She also loves visiting and tells me she enjoys spending time with me. For families who want to get out of the house, it’s great that ASDA provides a low-cost way to do it.

I remember visiting the cafe with my family as a little girl. And I have the same fond memories!

Let’s dive into my review of the products we tried in the ASDA Essentials Range

Products we wouldn’t purchase again 

Tortilla chips

We regularly buy Lidl’s own tortilla chips. They are great as a snack. However, we found the ASDA ones to be slightly greasy. Therefore we would favour Lidl over ASDA for this product.

ASDA Wheat Bisks

I do not mind a cheaper version of cereal and we rarely buy the top brands. However, this was very low quality and therefore, I would personally opt for Lidl’s own product. Which we love as a family, with a bit of milk and honey. My little one even eats them for tea when she had three meals at nursery and is a bit sick of main meals.

Chicken Noodles

The basic noodles were okay but the packet insert was a bit low quality. Because I like to use flavour, I would probably opt to buy noodles in a different supermarket.

Pine toilet cleaner

It smells lovely. But in terms of cleaning, I always opt for bleach (only pay for the 40p one) from discount shops! So I would only really buy this for the nice smell and extra toilet cleaning. For me, another, more harsh cleaning product would be needed to actually feel like the house was clean.

Pine disinfectant

Again, this is okay, but with a messy toddler and nursery germs, I much prefer something a bit more substantial. I am currently using it for our floor cleaning and spray this directly onto the surface before steam mopping. I probably wouldn’t purchase it again.

Toilet rolls

I’ve been buying cheap toilet rolls long before I had financial difficulty and there was a cost of living crisis. I cannot justify paying a lot of money to poop! Anyhow, these are pretty low quality and I can get a comparable product at Lidl for the same cost, which I think is better quality. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My hubby didn’t like these. And commented that there were better comparable products. However, personally, I might buy these again to have, along with a cup of tea. The Jury is still out!

ASDA Just Essentials Range

Products we would purchase again 

Dilute Orange Juice 

My little one loved the dilute juice and we already buy a cheap version wherever we shop. Therefore this would be on my shopping list.

Sliced Carrots

These were a little on the low-quality side. However, I probably would purchase them for cooking. I add a lot of tins to meals like vegetable curry or stew, which I do in the slow cooker.

6-Pack Variety Flavour Crisps

We usually buy the supermarket’s own brand of crisps and these were no different. My little one loved them and therefore I would buy them again. Probably in addition to a brand me and my hubby liked. But wherever we shop, we buy several different crisp options anyway.

Mixed maize crisps

My toddler absolutely loves them and therefore, I would pick them up next time we shop at ASDA.

8 Fruit Flavour Ice Lollies

These are exactly what they say on the tin. A great addition to my freezer for when the little one wants a treat. And cheaper than any alternative.

Grated cheese

This product tasted great and it’s the longest-lasting grated cheese we’ve bought. Usually, we buy this from Lidl or Iceland, but it doesn’t stay as fresh.

Beans & sausage tins

My toddler loves her beans and sausages. I’ve been on a mission for a while, to avoid paying Heinz-branded prices. I find the Lidl’s own sauce a bit too rich, in their version. But these ones were nice and therefore I would purchase them again. 

Strawberry Jam

In our household, we like cheap. In fact, Lidl only sells posh stuff and it really annoys my hubby. Therefore, anytime we are in an ASDA store, we would pick up this product. Not only because we like it, but because you struggle to get “cheap” jam elsewhere.

Soft cheese

You get a large tub for the money. However, it is a bit bland tasting. As a family who loves soft cheese with bagels, adding it to pasta, potatoes and on my toast, we need a quality product. It would be perfect for use in sauces, pasta, baking, and cooking. But I wouldn’t purchase it for eating on my bagel.


We avoid branded yoghurts and opt for supermarket own brands. These were great, perfect for the little one. As such, I would buy them again.

The price point for 12 yoghurts is also amazing. I can’t think of any other comparable product.

Spaghetti Hoops

I would purchase these tins again. I actually enjoyed having these on toast, whilst working from home.

Crunchy Peanut Butter

We all love this product and it is good quality. I will be purchasing it again.

What’s next…

I really enjoyed reviewing these products. And the main benefit is the happiness that my family get to eat for less, especially with the rising food costs. THEREFORE, I will be placing an order with ASDA soon, and reviewing some other products in the range that I haven’t yet tried.

Look out on Twitter and Instagram when the part 2 blog post is released.

Until Next Time

Have you tried any products from this range?

What are your faves?

ASDA Just Essentials Range


  1. Graham Crosby
    February 6, 2023 / 10:08 AM

    Great post. Asda is our regular shop and we’ve bought a lot of own brand stuff for years. Nice to discover a few other options through this post.

    • February 9, 2023 / 10:56 AM

      Glad you found some new options, that’s great. I can’t wait to try the rest of the range.

  2. April 11, 2023 / 10:12 AM

    Good to see an honest review. I buy cheaper bleach but sometimes you need something stronger to get super clean.

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