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Childminder VS nursery – Is putting your child in the nursery worth it? 

Part 5 of the Working Mum Mini-Series A little rant about childcare challenges in the UK There is no getting away from the fact childcare in the UK is expensive. And this makes it difficult…

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The emotional toll of job hunting following a secure nine-year career

Going from a secure job for nine years, to no job and being thrown into the unknown is pretty scary. As a family, we could survive financially a little while on the money we had,…

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The downside of being educated career-focused, and a working mum

Even as I sit to write this post, I still have mixed feelings on the subject of being a working mum.  For the first two years of my baby girl’s life, I managed a full-time…

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6 reasons why I love working from home

I know it’s not for everyone, but I loved working from home. But I am a homely person and frankly never used to spend enough time here. I would be sitting at my desk in…

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Why I always search for the best deals when making online purchases

When going about my normal purchases, I am a savvy saver. I’ve always used the hacks to secure the best deals and I will discuss them in more detail throughout this blog post. Following a…

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The top side hustles that make real money

Side hustles are all of the rage right now. As people are looking at ways to supplement their income away from their 9-5, a side hustle gives a great opportunity to make life that little…

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The reason I started a second blog documenting my passion for event planning

It is a running joke in the family I should set up an event planning business – how about a blog instead?? My family is all too aware of my passion for planning. Think 30…

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