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The Power Of Crystals & Gemstones


I would like to welcome Jas to Thrift Plan Enjoy and also thank her for sending me this great guest post! Over to Jas…

Hi, I’m Jas! It brings me much joy to write a guest blog post for Thrift Plan Enjoy. 

I am a digital creator who loves creating content around architecture, travel, food, and drink. Coffee, and lifestyle. I love to see the little things every day and learn to love my own company. Doing this by venturing out of my comforts and providing the life that I deserve. To be able to surround myself with the little things every day that make me happy means a lot to the journey of finding my better self. I hope you can feel inspired by the life I live. And realise happiness starts with small and simple joys. 

Quick note: Some of the links contained on this page are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. I only recommend products I use myself and think would be useful for other people.

How this interest became a part of me 

An interest I recently picked up. I have always been into decorating and adding personality to my room. I started off this interest with a Himalayan Salt Lamp from TK MAXX. 

Crystals & Gemstones

A few years down the line and it’s still making a central statement in my room. When I switch it on it gives off a relaxing feel. As well as looking appealing to the eye. They are very good for several reasons. Helping to relieve anxiety, purify the air, boost your mood, and help with sleep. They are also an ideal piece that can go with any decor style. Simply because of the natural and vibrant feel to them. 


Since moving to Southampton I have found a love for this independent shop called Zen. I didn’t think I would come back to this interest in mindfulness and healing stones. Looking for unique places to go to is one of my pastimes.


In my social life, a lot of the time is about me spending quality time with myself. But I knew that one thing I wanted to try and do was get out and socialising a little more with people. Zen was where I could talk to people and feel comfortable browsing around the shop. Ultimately, growing my confidence every time I visited.

It is a beautiful shop full of gemstones, crystals, and jewelry, and they also sell some items from small businesses. Staff is helpful in helping you and your healing journey by connecting your personality and mindset to what you need to surround yourself with.

Crystals & Gemstones
(The Zen shop is the green and black storefront) 

Are there any Scorpios here? 

I am a true Scorpio. And I can see why I come under this star sign. Described as someone passionate, ambitious, and full of imagination. With strengths, there are also weaknesses. Which can be vulnerability takes a key spot in the way Scorpios are invested and attached to something. This can trigger them. Bringing out their fear of loss can also highlight their trust issues. 

What gemstones & crystals do I have? 

I have built up a small collection of gemstones and crystals. I selectively picked the ones I felt I was attracted to. Not necessarily which ones looked the prettiest. Because I wanted to understand myself more through them. To be able to get a better insight into my strengths and weaknesses, personality, and traits. And which ones would help to heal and help put my life into perspective. 

Some small businesses selling the items I love

I love you can get them in many forms such as key rings, necklaces, and shaped ornaments. The general ones to pop anywhere around your home. A lovely small business, which I will mention below, makes up the cutest mini worry jars. And hearts, which I am simply obsessed with. They also show the on-packaging healing traits. Which is so helpful when selecting the right ones for me. Below are a few of the healing items I have:

Crystals & Gemstones

Rhodonite – A Scorpio-dedicated gemstone with the symbolism of new beginnings and starting over. To have this around you can help to open the heart and awake companion. 

Amethyst – It’s said that this crystal has the benefit of providing protection. Relieving stress, and clearing the mind of negative energy that’s around. 

Tiger Eye – This one is great for growing confidence and strength, known as the stone of courage. Helps to find that motivation in you and back off any negativity that comes your way. 

Bloodstone – Often described as the stone that increases courage, and creative energy, and boosts motivation. It tries to remove blocks that are keeping us stuck which helps to revitalise our energy and create a clearer path forward. Helps to bring trust back into your life and regain a bit of confidence. 

Howlite – I have this one in Blue and it is said to help find your inner peace and calm you during difficult times. It also can release any emotional burdens that you may have been carrying around with you.

Do you have any of these or any different ones? Comment after reading through this post

How would I describe myself? 

I would say I am someone who loves to dream and has a good imagination. Motivating myself each day. Dedicating time to the things that make me happy. I am quite an optimistic person. Wanting to succeed in the dreams and goals I have for myself. However long it takes to get to them. 

With the many positive things, I have about myself. There are a small group of traits that I associate myself with. 

There are a few key negatives that outline me as well. I can be quite sensitive at times. And overthink many situations. This puts negative thoughts into my mind. Often difficult to remove. I can be an over-perfectionist about things, which can impact my resilience and knock on my confidence. 

How do they make a statement in a room? 

I am a sucker for architectural interior details. Therefore, these healing elements can bring personality and liveliness to a room. They bring me down to ground level. Making me feel calm and collected. I feel reassured when around them. As they make me reflect on my life and how I go about certain situations. 

Below I have put together a small list of accounts and stores to follow and check out:






Crystals & Gemstones

(A worry jar from Zen handcrafted @bymollyandizzie – Tourmaline with healing properties of Inspiration, Confidence, and Grounding) 

Crystals est. 1987 – They have many dotted around the UK. 


Zen – They have one in Southampton in the Marlands Shopping Centre. 

Going to these shops I feel at ease because they never make you feel like you have to buy anything, and just having a browse at the different fragrances, healing stones, and crystals is great for the mind and for spending some chill time especially if you’re feeling down. 


We have come to the end of this blog post. Thank You so much for reading through this post, I hope you have picked up on some interest in healing items and how they have helped me in many little ways. 

Until next time

I want to thank Jas again for writing this guest post. All the details you need to connect with her are below.

I would love to connect with some of you, so I’ll leave some links to my blog page and social media channels. Jas Fitze Blogs.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasminefitze/ 

Twitter/ Tik Tok: @jasminefitze 

Stay calm, and collected, and surround yourself with positive energy. Protect your inner peace! You’ve got this! Jas ☕️

Crystals & Gemstones


  1. Coralle
    November 9, 2022 / 11:59 AM

    Love this guest post! I don’t have many crystals, but I do love to browse crystal shops, they are so beautiful and captivating. I also love that salt lamp, so stunning!

    • November 20, 2022 / 10:54 PM

      The salt lamp is amazing. I have one at home and it’s so relaxing to have it on.

  2. November 13, 2022 / 3:21 PM

    This is a nice post! I liked learning about who you are as a person and your favorite crystals. I learned more about them over the last few years as well because my friend has an online shop. Cool article thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • November 20, 2022 / 10:54 PM

      Such a cute post – and I totally love crystals too x

  3. December 6, 2022 / 1:16 PM

    I love crystals and gemstones too! I have quite a collection, and I carry around a fluorite piece with me to hold when I’m anxious. Zen sounds like a lovely shop, I’ll have to visit next time I’m in Southampton x

    • December 29, 2022 / 8:49 PM

      I also love crystals and they are dotted around my house. It sounds like an amazing shop.

  4. February 1, 2023 / 11:27 AM

    Lovely guest post! I love crystals but I don’t use them much. I definitely think they make a room look really beautiful and hold so much power!

    • February 6, 2023 / 1:08 AM

      They definitely hold so much power, but I also need to make proper use of mine.

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